LIT Fall Retreat: Ages 14-16 Register

November 15th to November 17th
LIT Fall Retreat!
Nov. 15th – 17th

Were you an LIT this year? 
Are you ages 14-16? 

Come cozy up by camps new fire places and hangout with your LIT friends!
No need to do LIT duties all weekend!

Bring warm clothes and a thermos for hot coco!
Blankets and warm PJ’s are recommended as well!

Drop off: 7:00 PM, Friday
Pick up: 11:00 AM, Sunday

Location Maple Springs Bible Camp
5247 Inga Street
Peachland BC V0H 1X8
November 15th - November 17th
7:00 PM - 11:00 AM
LIT Fee $50.00