Intern & Discipleship Program

Did you know we have an intern and discipleship program?!

Interns come live at camp for 8 months, with the intent to grow spiritually and personally.

It’s an amazing opportunity to strengthen your faith, biblical knowledge, learn many great life skills, personal responsibility,
build relationships, gain direction for the future, and serve your community!  




September 23, 2024 – April 26, 2025 


Interns will be staying in a cabin onsite with roommates of the same sex. (There will be a shared kitchen and common spaces in other buildings around camp)

Cost: $300/month

(includes meals, utilities, events and trips). 


Typical Weekly Schedule

Schedule Breakdown


Breakfast: Self-serve (all meals included)

Bible Study: Every weekday, start the morning off with bible study and prayer

Life Skills: Learn mechanics, carpentry, personal accounting, baking, and much more

Lunch: Communal lunch (prepared together)

Shopping: Weekly trip to get groceries and any other supplies needed

Online Course: Graduate level bible course(s)

Book Study: Read and have discussion weekly on great books that will be provided

Work Project: Help camp maintenance staff with projects around camp

Group Activity: Games, team building, hiking, sledding, out-trips, and more

Volunteer: Give back to the community. Help at the local food shelter, Salvation Army, shovel / mow lawns, prepare and give food to the homeless, etc.

Supper: Either communal or to-go depending on interns’ ABC schedule

Saturday: Either a day off or time to do ABC hours if needed

Sunday: Day off, attending a church service



This time slot is flexible.
Each intern will be required to complete a minimum of 8 hours a week
in one or more of these 3 options


Camp program – helping with our Roots program, church youth programs, guest groups, and camp events


Part time job – Interns will be required to have transportation arranged (public transit or personal vehicle)


Post-secondary schooling
(online up to ~3 classes)


If you have any questions or are interested in learning more
feel free to email Dylan, the internship director, at