Wondering what it would be like to become a leader at Maple Springs? Well, the LIT program is the first step! Come out, learn skills, serve the camp, and make some new friends. For more detailed information on the LIT program, check out the LIT tab!

Once the camp receives your application, we will be sending you a reference form via email. It is your responsibility to make sure that form is returned to us filled out before we can accept you as an LIT.

*NOTE– Each participant required to go home during the mid session break July 27 at 1pm to July 29 at 1pm

** NOTE– Each applicant only needs to fill out the paperwork once per calendar year. If you have already filled it out, please contact the camp to process payment, (250-767-2354)


LIT Fee$95.00
LIT Tuck (candy) Fund$30.00